Suggest an old Moomin duvet cover design by Finlayson for reproduction and win!

Do you know some Moomin duvet cover designs by Finlayson you would love to get back in production?

Together with the manufacturer Finlayson we are having a campaign to collect photos of the old designs. If you have the earlier designs of Moomin duvet covers please send us photos to

Soon we will publish a photo album in Moomin Facebook for you to vote the best designs. Maybe some of them will end up back to production in the near future!

Our favourites are:

Finlayson Puistomuumi
Puistomuumi / Park Moomin

Finlayson Hemuli
Hemuli / Hemulen

  Finlayson Talvimuumi
Talvimuumi / Winter Moomin

Everyone sending us their suggestions before January 31st will participate in our competition to win Moomin goodie bags!