29 November 2017

Successful Moomin Baby Box got a follower – Moomin Toddler Box is here!

80 years ago Finland’s expectant parents first time received a box by the Finnish state full of clothes and other necessary products the newborn needs. Since then the free maternity package is given to all expectant parents in Finland.

Specially designed to help expecting parents all over the world and to offer a similar experience as parents in Finland, in 2014 the three Finnish dads launched the Finnish Baby Box. Including all the essentials from hygiene products to indoor and outdoor clothes for baby’s first year, the box really helps parents to prepare and save time from shopping.

To follow the success of this original Finnish Baby Box – in 2015 Finnish Baby Box launched the magnificent Moomin Edition of the box. As an ultimate starter kit to parenthood the box includes a broad selection of stylish high-quality Finnish design and official Moomin baby products, clothes and necessities for baby’s first 12 months. The Moomin edition comes even in a Moomin themed cardboard box that functions as the baby’s very first bed.

During its first two operating years, Finnish Baby Box sent baby boxes to thousands of families in over 75 countries worldwide!


New in 2017 – Moomin Toddler Box


Finnish Baby Box has carefully listened to their customers’ wishes and besides updating the baby boxes they have now launched even a Moomin Toddler Box to follow the Moomin Baby Box! The brand new Moomin Toddler Box offers your child fun and functional wear after they’ve grown out of the baby clothes. To make the Moomin Toddler box, Finnish Baby Box teamed up with Finland’s leading children’s clothing manufacturer Reima in December 2016.


The brand new Moomin Toddler Box includes eight Moomin products by Reima and some of them are so exclusive you won’t find them from anywhere else as they are specially designed for the Moomin Toddler Box! Reima’s mission has always been to guarantee kids the freedom to be active and play outdoors in any weather and this functionality comes true with every selected product on the box.

The clothes come in gender-neutral colors in sizes 80cm and 86cm and the fully tailored Moomin Toddler Box will be shipped straight to your front door so you can concentrate on yourself and your child.


Exclusively available at Reima Solutions store.
The first batch will be delivered in Dec 2017.


Photos: Moomin by Reima

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