Stockmann joins Moomin with a maritime exhibit to support #OURSEA

The Finnish department store Stockmann takes part in John Nurminen Foundation's and Moomin Characters' #OURSEA campaign, with the ambition to help restore the Baltic Sea and protect its legacy.

Stockmann has joined the campaign #OURSEA as a part of  the Moomins’ 75th anniversary in 2020, striving to spread awareness of the state of the Baltic Sea. The campaign will raise more than one million € for the John Nurminen Foundation, who has a long track record of successful efforts to clean and protect the Baltic Sea.


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The #OURSEA campaign furthers the cause of helping the Baltic Sea. We are happy to allow donations at the store and offer wonderful maritime Moomin products, that will both bring joy to the customer while supporting the cause says Jessica Nyholm-Silvennoinen, manager of the home and cosmetics department at Stockmann.

The campaign site

You can explore the product selection on Stockmann’s dedicated #OURSEA website or visit their department stores. You can support the campaign by purchasing an #OURSEA product as a part of the proceeds will go directly to the protection of the Baltic Sea. There is also an opportunity to donate at the department stores.

Click the image below or here to visit Stockmann’s #OURSEA campaign site.

Stockmann online OURSEA