Stelton launches product line with new Moomin artwork

Stelton and RIG-TIG, in collaboration with Moomin, launch their first product lines with renowned illustrations from the world of the beloved Moomins.

The motifs on Stelton’s first collection come from the new book adaption Stories from Moominvalley, with illustrated tales of sorcery and voyages at sea. The first collection includes a thermal flasks, a reusable drinking bottles and vacuum jug helping avoid disposable packaging and contributing to saving the earth’s resources.

Stelton Moomin drinking bottles

Bring your own beverages while on the go, perfect for exploring the city, taking a walk in the woods or just heading to and from school or work. The Moomin thermal flask is available in versions of 0.2 liters, 0.34 liters and 0.4 liters, in vacuum steel or plastic, ensuring that the liquid stays warm or cold for several hours – leaving plenty of time for adventures.

Stelton Moomin thermal flask

The Moomin Drink Bottles are ideal for keeping your favourite beverage cold. Collection features bottles made of high quality stainless steel and one made of plastic. Moomin drink bottles can be refilled over and over, and have a capacity of 0.75 l.

The design of the Stelton Moomin jug called HOTTIE, has clean lines with an emphasis on an uncomplicated transition from the jug to the spout. The jug keeps the beverage hot longer thanks to its glass insert so that you can enjoy your tea or coffee warm in the kitchen, living room, garden or at a picnic on the beach.

Stelton X Moomin