31 January 2018

Reproduction of Tove Jansson’s mural at Design Museum in Finland

During the years 1955-1957 Tove Jansson painted Moomin murals for the staircase of the Aurora Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, Finland. Moomin paintings delighted millions of children and their families in Aurora while the outpatient clinic was in use.

Aurora’s children’s units were relocated to Helsinki University Central Hospital in 1997 and in 1998 Kari Petäjä and Maija Poskiparta made a copy of the mural for the staircase of the Children’s Hospital where the paintings are still delighting children every day.


Design Museum Gallery in Helsinki, Finland hosts Healing exhibition until 11 March 2018. The exhibition presents Finnish and Scandinavian design for purposes of recuperation and healing from the 1930s to the present day. Healing features also a reproduction of Tove Jansson’s Leikki (Play) mural.

The New Moomin-themed Children’s Hospital will open in 2018

Exhibits at Design Museum will include also samples of patient clothing from the new Children’s Hospital currently under construction in Helsinki. Each floor of the new hospital will be decorated with one nature theme in accordance with the related Moomin story.

Read more about the new Moomin-themed hospital and see the first photos from the construction site:

New Children’s Hospital in Finland dives deep into Tove Jansson’s philosophy

See the first photos from the soon-to-be-opened Moomin-themed New Children’s Hospital


Mural sketches at Helsinki Art Museum

Finland’s first permanent gallery dedicated to the art of Tove Jansson in Helsinki Art Museum exhibits also Jansson’s art for the Aurora Children’s Hospital. HAM displays sketches made for the murals and also a copy of part of the mural that has delighted thousands of children in the Aurora Hospital.


Featured image: Moomin Characters

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