25 July 2018

Ready, set, go – the global launch of the new Moomin game! 

Finnish game development studio Snowfall is proudly announcing the global launch of their new Moomin game!

“Moomin Match & Explore” is a free-to-play casual mobile game that brings a unique twist to the Moomins’ sailing adventures through highly popular match-3 puzzle gameplay. This time, the Moomins embark on new quests with the whole family and their dearest friends! Each new expedition is filled with discoveries and meeting new characters that can join your crew. Characters have their own unique skills that can help you in the hardest challenges that an adventurer must face.

Moomin Match & Explore is free to download on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS devices. The game is available in English, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, Polish and Russian languages!

How do you play?

Try out the new match-3 gameplay: keep making matches until the timer runs out to build huge combos! Each Moomin character corresponds to a color on the board: match with your best characters to maximize your effectiveness. Upgrade your stats and level up your skills to improve your chances of succeeding!

About developers

Snowfall is a game development company from Turku, focusing in licensed casual mobile games using the strong and worldwide popular brand of the Moomins.




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