26 January 2018

Pure and delicious every day – making green decisions with the Moomins

Wellbeing and sustainable environmental choices are cornerstones in the fresh collaboration between Moomin Characters and Helsinki Mills, the two companies sharing common values and emphasising ethical choices.

Helsinki Mills specializes in organic products and is Finland’s largest processor of organic grains. The more than 80-year-old family company is known for its green values – all production facilities use hydropower, producing green electricity. The company’s Vaasa unit has a bioenergy plant that uses oat hull waste to generate heat. In other words, all Helsinki Mills’ rolled oat products are made with 100% fossil free energy.


Respecting nature and kindness towards others are core values also in Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories, providing a natural connection between the Moomins and Helsinki Mill’s well-known Myllärin brand. The new Moomin products are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Moominmamma’s Pancake Mix, Little My’s Instant Porridges and Moomintroll’s and Snorkmaiden’s Breakfast Cereals are all marked with The Heart Symbol, telling the consumer at a glance that the product is a healthier choice in its product group.

The products are produced from healthy high-fiber whole grain oats and, depending on the product, contain only small amounts of sugar, if any.


Family first

Family-oriented living is central in all Tove Jansson’s Moomin books. As a family company, Helsinki Mills knows the importance of doing things together. The company, with a workforce of more than 80 people, is lead by its founder’s granddaughter Maret Puhk, who is chairman of the board together with her son Niklas Kumlin, who is CEO. Read more about the interesting history of Helsinki Mills at their website.




Niklas Kumlin, CEO of Helsinki Mills says: “The collaboration between Moomins and Helsinki Mills is a perfect match; the ideology and strive of the kind Moomin characters go perfectly together with the mission and core values of Helsinki Mills. We want to emphasise responsible choices, the things that are truly meaningful in life.” 



Roleff Kråkström, Managing Director of Moomin Characters says: ”It is wonderful to see how Tove Jansson’s values as expressed in the Moomin stories inspire new Moomin licensees. We are extremely happy about these new Moomin products that are guided by a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Moominmamma’s Pancake Mix and Little My’s Instant Porridges are sold in selected grocery stores in Finland and Moomintroll’s and Snorkmaiden’s Breakfast Cereals will become available from the beginning of March.


Photos: Helsinki Mills / Myllärin

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