5 April 2017

Premium accessories inspired by Tove Jansson’s world of Moomins

Mozo from Helsinki, Finland introduces a new line of beautiful premium quality Moomin accessories. The line is inspired by the mysterious world of Moomins created by Tove Jansson. The essence of the new line is in the adventurous, playful and loveable characters. Capturing the imagination and beauty of Moominvalley, suiting both young and old.

Moomin Black Shadow backpack by Mozo
Moomin Black Shadow backpack by Mozo

The line is strong, beautiful and stylish, perfect for any fashionista with a practical side. The accessories combine playfulness without being childish and it is bold, graphic and timeless. Combining freedom and adventure with a street style in the spirit of today. What do you think?

Moomin Black Shadow drawstring backpack by Mozo

You can find the Black Shadow line as a backpack and drawstring backpack, along with a turquoise silicone keychain in our selection on Moomin.com.

Moomin silicone keychain by Mozo

Shop the whole collection here.

What do you think?

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