“People don’t like to hear about Hemulens when they have other things to do” – 7 life lessons from Moominpappa’s youth

Moominpappa knows everything and has experienced everything already, everybody knows that. Obviously, he's the perfect person to give some life advice, straight from his exciting memoirs! Today we give you a few life lessons Moominpappa made early in life – suitable reading for students graduating this summer and other eager adventurers!

Moominpappa creates these pieces of advice as he sails the Oshun Oxtra between what he describes as “hundreds and hundreds of small, flat islands”.

Moominpappa is somewhat worried about not knowing where they are sailing, but his mate the Joxter takes it calmly, replying they’re going “anywhere and nowhere in particular – what does it matter?”

Moominpappa is bursting with youthful energy, eagerly waiting to arrive somewhere where great adventures await. While waiting, he reflects on the life lessons he’s learned so far, which are seven, to be precise. We give you Moominpappa’s seven insights from the book The Memoirs of Moominpappa – life hacks ahoy!

1. Try to have your Moomin babies born at astrologically suitable moments, and give them a romantic entry into the world! (Positive instance: my talent. Negative instance: the shopping bag.)

2. People do not like to hear about Hemulens when they have other things to do. (Positive instance: Hodgkins. Negative instance: the hedgehog.)

3. You can never tell what may be caught in a net! (Positive instance: Hodgkins’s binnacle.)

4. Never paint things anew simply because there is some paint left over. (Negative instance: the Muddler’s tin.)

5. All big animals are not dangerous. (Positive instance: Edward the Booble.)

6. Even small animals can be courageous. (Positive instance: I myself.)

7. Try to avoid saving people in the dark! (Negative instance: the Hemulen Aunt.)

Do you find Moominpappa’s advice a bit hard to understand? (What does the Hemulen Aunt have to do with rescue missions in the dark for example?) Not to worry, you’ll find all the answers in The Memoirs of Moominpappaan eccentric account of the wild youth of a very special Moomintroll, born at the most astrologically suitable moment.