Show your support for PEN International’s literacy work with this new Moomin collection 

“Literature knows no frontiers”. The brand new Moomin x PEN products come with messages important to PEN International, promoting freedom of speech and human rights of writers worldwide. Part of the proceeds is directed to PEN’s work to enhance literacy, as a part of the Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative, #MoominABC.

For PEN, collaborating with Moomin Characters Ltd within this literacy initiative felt like a natural fit.

”The values of the Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative align in a very special way with our values, because PEN International defends not only the freedom of speech but also the power of expression and storytelling to transform lives and societies”, Jennifer Clement, President of PEN International, explains.

”The values of the Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative align in a very special way with our values.”

Today, the limited edition Moomin x PEN product range is launched on Especially Moomin fans supporting literacy and human rights might appreciate the messages on the sweatshirts, t-shirts, tote bags and notebooks: “Literature knows no Frontiers”, “Free”, and “Imagination”. These messages were chosen by PEN International, as they reflect the core of what the organisation stands for, taken from PEN’s Imagination Manifesto.

Tove Jansson drew the letters

The alphabet used in the collaboration was sourced from the maps of Moominvalley, which Tove Jansson drew by hand for the Moomin books. The script was developed into a typeface by the design studio Kobra which was co-founded by James Zambra, the grandson of Tove Jansson’s brother Lars.

Moomin Characters Ltd is also a proud sponsor of PEN International’s Centenary 1921-2021. As a part of the Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative, or #MoominABC, PEN International will translate Tove Jansson´s short story ”The Invisible Child” into several native languages in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria and Mexico and distribute the story in these countries.

Moomin Characters also supported the PEN International Women’s manifesto in 2018 to raise awareness of equality issues and other important values highlighted by Tove Jansson in her Moomin books. The manifesto states that “For women to have free speech, the right to read, the right to write, they need to have the right to roam physically, socially and intellectually.”