Our most Moominous gift tips for 2019

‘Don’t be frightened,’ said Moomintroll. ‘I’m here to protect you. I’ve got a little present for you too,’ and he
produced the gold ankle-ring.
‘Oh!’ exclaimed the Snorkmaiden, turning quite pink with pleasure. ‘I thought I’d lost it. Oh, how wonderful!’
She put the ring on at once, and then turned and twisted, trying to see the effect.

(From the book Comet in Moominland)

Turn someone pink with pleasure with a delightful Moomin gift this year! We have made handy different sized lists for you to explore and created a free shipping holiday code too – ship-free19 (all orders over 75 € ship free worldwide.).

Moomin gifts under 50 €




Psst! We have also added a gift card option in case someone would like to let the gift receiver decide what they would like the most.

We hope you will have a Moominous holiday season!