29 August 2014

All Things MOOMIN Influencer Event in Japan

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014 1

On Wednesday 27 August All Things MOOMIN held an exclusive event for some of our engaging online influencers in Japan.

The event took place at the All Things MOOMIN office in central Tokyo and was fun for everyone involved including both the online influencers and the All Things MOOMIN Japan team.

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014 2

At 6pm the event began with our online influencers arriving, taking their seats and getting to know each other, as well they were able to sample some treats all the way from Moominvalley.

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014

Shortly after our guests met each other, our Japan Representative Director gave a presentation on All Things MOOMIN Japan ecommerce site and took some time for questions about the the web site, company, products, strategy and more.  Our online influencers were just as engaging in person as they are online.

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014

After a session of Q&A, our partner from Phantom Film, screened the new movie trailer for Moomins on the Riviera that will come out in Japan in February of next year.

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014

Following the movie trailer screening our online influencers took a break and enjoyed some more delicious food and drink from Moominvalley, and were once again able to discuss Moomin amongst themselves and ask questions from our All Things MOOMIN team in Japan.

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014

For the last presentation of the evening, Japan-resident and Scandinavia Specialist Arisa Kawasaki, gave a presentation on MOOMIN and took time to answer questions and have an open discussion with our guests about – All Things MOOMIN.

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014

And so our guests would not leave the event empty-handed 2 lucky guests won a pair of tickets to the Moomin on the Riviera movie and 1 lucky guest won a limited edition Moomin jubilee mug with the eye-glasses print.

Moomin influencer event in Japan 2014

To all our online community members thank you for helping All Things MOOMIN grow and be successful.

See you next time! All Things MOOMIN in Japan


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