Inspiration for a Moominous spring and summer outfit – Nordicbuddies spring collection is here!

Nordicbuddies’ newest Moomin collection is all about curiosity. Mix and match the novelties creatively to create your unique summer outfit. Below you can find some inspiration for styling the colourful novelties and making your outfit wonderfully Moominous!

Nordicbuddies’ newest collection is a colourful mix of shirts, hoodies and accessories. Moominize your summer outfit with a brand-new bucket hat, ankle socks or a stylish hoodie! 

Curiosity at the core of the collection 

“Curiosity, especially curiosity in design, colours and styles, has been at the core of the new collection. When designing this collection, we wanted to keep breaking boundaries in our designs. We want this collection to inspire people to be curious, try new things, new colours and styles, and ultimately just have fun and enjoy themselves,” Robert Lindell, Head of Marketing and Design at Nordicbuddies, explains.

nordicbuddies spring collection 2023

The ankle socks, perfect for the summer season, are a totally new addition to Nordicbuddies’ selection. “Long Moomin socks are awesome, but wearing them too much in the summertime will surely cause tan lines. That can now be avoided with the ankle socks,” Lindell says.


“The perfect kit for all your summer parties and festivals.”

Below you can find inspiration for styling the novelties, but before that, let’s ask the expert about his go-to summer outfit. Robert, if you had to create the perfect summer outfit using items from the new collection, what would the outfit look like?

“Oh, there are so many choices! But then again, that’s the whole point of the new collection. If we had to choose one outfit, it would be a pair of colourful sneakers with the new retro ankle socks. Add any t-shirt and finish it with a brimmer hat. The perfect kit for all your summer parties and festivals.”

A monochrome outfit

When choosing a monochrome outfit, there is no need to worry about whether the colours match. The beige bucket hat and t-shirt would look amazing with a similar-coloured pair of cargo pants or chinos, don’t you think?

Showcase your Moomin personality

Nordicbuddies’ collection features several different inhabitants of Moominvalley. Test your Moomin personality with this fun quiz and find a piece they adorn – or simply choose a piece with your favourite character. Is yours Sniff?

Show your socks

If you’re wearing a pair of Moominous socks, the last thing you want to do is to hide them under your trouser legs. The new retro ankle socks are perfect for the summer: they go well with sneakers, and Moomin and his friends are visible even when you’re wearing longer trousers.

Match with your best friend

Are you heading to a music festival or planning a trip with your friends? Get matching caps and hoodies as your team outfit, and you will surely turn some heads  – and find each other from the crowds!

No such thing as too many accessories

If your outfit is otherwise simple, spice it up with accessories. The waist bags have spacious pockets that fit the most important treasures and can be worn on the hip or shoulder, whichever style you prefer.