25 July 2016

New-to-the-World product – Tempered glass screen protector with a Moomin hologram!

Protecting your expensive mobile phone is an investment that surely will pay itself back! This stylish tempered glass screen protector with a Moomin hologram is absolutely a must have product! A discrete Moomin hologram appears when the backlight of the device is off and the hologram disappears when the screen is in use. A tempered glass cover is the most efficient way to protect the screen of your device.


The package contains the holographic tempered glass panel, alcohol cleaning wipe, microfiber cloth, guide stickers and installation instructions in English and Finnish.

moomin hologram screen protector and iphone

Moomin tempered glass screen protectors with a hologram for iPhones are now available at Moomin Shops in Finland as well as at the Moominworld Naantali, Finland. Products are soon available also at Moomin.com – leave your email address at the product page to be notified when the products are in stock!

Tempered glass screen protector with a Moomin hologram iPhone 6/6s

Tempered glass screen protector with a Little My hologram iPhone 6/6s

Watch the video and see how Andrea installs the Moomin glass screen protector on her phone.

And voilà!

iPhone moomin hologram screen protector

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