16 October 2015

In June we expanded our selection with custom made posters and in September with custom made t-shirts. Now we are proud to announce that we got rights to reprint even more Tove Jansson’s original artworks as large prints!

The new stunning Moomin posters include The original game board of the Moomin game from the 1950s as well as a poster The Aurora Hospital mural by Tove Jansson

Moomin game

Aurora Hospital

The latter is special to us because we’re donating 5-10 euros of each sold poster to the new Moomin-themed children’s hospital in Helsinki, Finland. By buying this extremely beautiful poster you are contributing this important project.

These unique one-of-a-kind fine art prints by Tove Jansson are only available in the Official Moomin Shop and they all come in two sizes: 70 x 50 cm and 100 x 70 cm.

Moomin poster_Aurora_small

Moomin poster_Moomin game_small

All our on-demand posters and t-shirts are made in Finland and shipped out to anywhere in the world free of charge!

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