13 March 2017

A new set of Moomin MoovieCard video postcards now available!

“Fun & Anarchy” – content package is now available for Moomin MoovieCards. It’s a collection of 20 funny and anarchistic comic strips that you can delight your friends and family with! Download MoovieCloud application for Apple devices (iOS) and start creating & sharing personalized Moomin video postcards complete with ambience and sound effects.

The Moomin MoovieCard is a great, new way to send electronic greetings using the known cartoons beloved by all. To send a Moomin MoovieCard, user downloads the MoovieCloud application and creates Moomin MoovieCard. The user selects the desired Moomin strip, types in his/her name and send it via e-mail or WhatsApp to their friends, or share to social media such as Facebook, YouTube or YuuZoo.

Download MoovieCloud now!


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