New Moomin products by Arabia, autumn 2016

1.9.2016: Special products – Moomin Friendship #2

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The new Moomin Friendship product family by Arabia features the famous motives from the book “Who will comfort Toffle?“. Arabia’s artist Tove Slotte has designed these delightful Moomin objects keeping with the original drawings by Tove Jansson. The first products of the Moomin Friendship series, serving bowl, jar with a lid and a pitcher, were launched in January 2016.

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The new dish features Toffle and Miffle and the serving platter lovely Snufkin. Products will be available on week 36 at the latest. Leave your email address at the product page to be notified when the novelties are in stock!

1.9.2016: The Ancestor



The black Ancestor pitcher and jar continues the lovely series of Ancestor products launched last spring including mug, bowl and plate.

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The models of the pitcher and jar are same as in Little My’s day as well as in Moominmamma’s day series (although the lid of the Moominmamma jar was a bit different). Little My’s day pitcher and jar discontinued on June, so these collectables are available as long as stocks last.

The new Ancestor products will be available on week 36 at the latest. Leave your email address at the product page to be notified when the novelties are in stock!

1.9.2016: Collector’s edition plates 2016

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Limited edition plates features the illustrations from the Moomin mugs Blue & Tove 100. The designs are based on Tove Jansson’s original artwork which Tove Slotte has interpreted in these lovely plates.

Total of 20 different plates will be available in the coming years, the first collector’s edition plate 2-pack, Fazer & Moomintroll dreaming, was launched in autumn 2014, and second Green & Christmas Greeting in 2015. Plates are manufactured by Arabia and are available limited time only!

Plates will be available on week 36 at the latest. Let us inform you when these collector’s must have plates arrive – leave your email address at the product page and you will get mail when the plates are in stock!

1.9.2016: Moomin Deco tree – Hemulen, Sniff, Stinky




In august 2014 Arabia launched the first wall tiles of the collectable decoration tree. The last three wall tiles, Hemulen, Sniff and Stinky will be available in September 2016.

Note that the wall tiles are in production as follows – all of them are still available at as long as stocks last:

  • Moominmamma, Moominpappa until 31.12.2015
  • Moomintroll, Little My, Snufkin until 30.6.2016
  • Mymble, Snorkmaiden until 31.12.2016
  • Thingumy & Bob, Too-ticky, Fillyjonk until 30.6.2017
  • Hemulen, Sniff, Stinky until 31.12.2017

ARABIAMoominDecoTree 2016_2

Photos: Fiskars