10 October 2017

New Moomin keychains and magnets handmade from Finnish wood

Moomin keychains and magnets, handmade in Finland, are now available in the Moomin Shop Forum and Moomin Shop Airport in Finland! These newest products from Isoisän Puulelut are a great combination of the know-how of the three Finnish companies.

Each keychain and magnet is made from the Finnish curly birch or Kelo wood sawn by the Wood Jewel design by Kauko Raatiniemi Ky and laser-engraved by the Moomin licensee Veico Oy. Isoisän Puulelut finishes keychains and magnets using, for example, a soft and strong reindeer leather.

Isoisän Puulelut has been a Moomin licensee almost 20 years and is known first and foremost from their massager Moomins, wooden mini figures, Moomin matchboxes and Moomin letter cubics. The products are sold at the Moomin Shops in Finland and souvenir stores nationwide as well as at the Moomin Shop in London and Japan.

The new Moomin keychains and magnets can also be ordered from the online store of Isoisän Puulelut, with a free engraving!


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