3 August 2018

New items in Arabia’s True to Its Origins series


Arabia’s series of Moomin ceramics about Tove Jansson’s personal life, True to Its Origins, continues to grow with a jar and a serving bowl. It reflects Jansson’s sorrow after her mother passed away. The illustrations feature a new dawn. It’s time to leave sorrow behind because life goes on.

The big changes of life

Two revealing stories intertwine: Moominpappa at Sea (1965) and Moominvalley in November (1970). In the first part of the series, the Moomins were surrounded by uncertainty. They were forced to think who they really are. It was a time of change, and the Moomin family moved to an island with a lighthouse. Their lives became different, and each of them experienced the island and atmosphere in their own way.

At the same time, a crowd of lonely characters came to Moominvalley to search for the Moomin family but didn’t find anybody. Their longing symbolizes true events: Tove Jansson wrote her last novel, Moominvalley in November, just after her mother passed away. The new items in the series continue the story by expressing feelings of sorrow and how life must go on.

Melancholy in Finnish scenery

The touching story comes to life in precise line drawings through new illustrations. Jansson’s simple yet moving pictures wake up the sea and wind and evoke light and shadow. On the ceramic jar (1.2 L), Moomintroll is alone and climbs up the tower of the lighthouse to light a candle. On the reverse side, Moominmamma wakes up to a sunrise on the horizon and sits alone in thought for a while. On the bowl (23 cm), Moominmamma is homesick but finally sees the light. She steps outside to look at the sparkling sea. A flock of birds is making its way across the sky and gives a promise – life does go on.


Jansson’s last Moomin novel

Moominvalley in November was the last Moomin novel by Tove Jansson, and she wrote it right after her mother had passed away. The book was a growth story and a reflection of Tove’s own experience. She describes how the death of somebody close leaves a longing that never ends, but you must let go of the sorrow.

The illustrations on Moomin dishes have been designed by the ceramic artist Tove Slotte. She uses Jansson’s original drawings as a basis for each new picture. That way, the original drawings get a new lease of life on Arabia’s dishes.

The new items in the series True to Its Origins will be available from 3 September 2018 onwards. The previous items in the series; mug (0.3 L), plate (19 cm), bowl, jar (0.7 L), and teapot (0.8 L) are available on our webstore already now.

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