27 April 2015

New Children´s Hospital will be built together with the Moomins!

Uusi lastensairaala 2017, New Children´s Hospital 2017, is a project building a new children’s hospital in Helsinki, Finland, which will replace the outdated facilities of the current children’s hospitals. There is an acute need for the new hospital, but without private funding its construction would be passed on into the future. Therefore, part of the public hospital funding has been decided to collect from companies and individual persons.

– Our society is not only about paying our taxes but also about helping. Everyone came together on the same terms – the government, the cities, the people, the companies. It’s not about sponsoring, it’s about doing the right thing, says Anne Berner, Chairman of the New Children´s Hospital 2017.

In August 2014 the 30 million euro target amount was achieved by the donations from companies and individual persons but the fundraising is still ongoing as each euro donated to the project will reduce the need for the loan. Construction work of the hospital begun in August 2014, and the hospital specialised in the children’s special health care opens during the year 2017. 

The hospital is built based on the needs of the children, the caretakers and the families. This hospital is about good endings – like the stories of Tove Jansson. Therefore Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories will serve as an inspiration for the decoration of the hospital – the setting will be based on the archipelago and the sea. Together with art, music, pictures and literature, it is possible to create a healing and inspiring environment for the seriously ill children. 

Today Anne Berner challenged all the Moomin license holders in the fundraising. Participating with the Moomin products the companies will support the children and help to build a nurturing hospital.

– It´s about participating in something unique – being part of this story is rewarding, says Anne Berner.


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