16 March 2017

Mysterious trackmaker Fox.i.e shares music video featuring Moomins

Elusive and of many colors, music has no formal structure nor does it belong to one culture. On Feb. 24th, emerging songwriter/producer Fox.i.e released his debut track “Snow feat. Venior” worldwide and the music video is out on VEVO.

Fox.i.e teamed up with Finnish artist Venior for songwriting while visiting Finland. The lyrics about snow and Mother Nature spell out that in a landscape covered in snow, “nothing is permanent” and the melody perfectly captures feelings of nostalgia and fragility. The track ended up being a perfect match for Finnish scenery and the country’s iconic character Moomin was chosen to visualize the sound.

When the idea to use Moomin illustration for music video was brought up, the offer was accepted very positively. Roleff Kråkström, managing director of Moomin Characters Ltd, commented, “We are very happy about this collaboration. It is very exciting for us to see a contemporary music production come to life”.

For the video, 88 original Moomin illustrations, drawn by Tove Jansson for various novels and comic strips, were inserted along with the lyrics. At the end of the video, monochrome illustrations change to color, suggesting the circle of life; the rotation of seasons and the fact that there will always be flowers after a long winter.

The simplicity of Moomin illustration perfectly synch with the track.

Music video is available on FoxieVEVO channel here.

Official Website: www.foxie.world

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