2 March 2017

Mumin Kaffe Moomin cafés can be reserved for private events!

Already three great Mumin Kaffe Moomin cafés have opened in Helsinki, Finland. The first opened Mumin Kaffe welcomes you near the Helsinki Cathedral and the second one opened it’s doors in the centre of Helsinki, at Mechelininkatu 3. The third Mumin Kaffe is likewise in the heart of Helsinki, on the 5th floor at the department store Stockmann.

Mumin Kaffe’s unique concept combines well known Moomin brand with the Scandinavian design and the wonderful service concept where children are the priority. All of the cafés have wall bars to play with and Moomin books to read. At the Mumin Kaffe Liisankatu, there are even wooden gymnastics rings!


Private event at Mumin Kaffe?

Birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and meetings – Mumin Kaffe cafés can be reserved for different kinds of private events with children or childish adults. Mumin Kaffe can arrange smaller events for just a couple of people or accommodate up to 50 guests.

Please send an e-mail to events@muminkaffe.com and let them know what kind of party you’re planning. The lovely staff at Mumin Kaffe is happy to help you!

Mumin Kaffe
Liisankatu 21
00170 Helsinki


Mumin Kaffe
Mechelininkatu 3
00100 Helsinki


Mumin Kaffe
Stockmann, 5th floor
Aleksanterinkatu 52
00100 Helsinki



Photos: Moomin Characters

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