6 June 2014

Mugs with a story to tell – Moomin exhibition at Arabia

The beloved Moomins will make an appearance at the Arabia Galleria this summer, showcasing the colourful history of the Moomin mugs all the way from the 1950s until today. On display will be all the original Moomin mugs as well as a rare collection of Tove Jansson’s original tableware. The exhibition will be held in Arabia Galleria from 5 June to 31 August 2014.


The museum displays its collection of the 68 original Moomin mugs all the way from the 1950s up to the commemorative Tove 100 mug. The stories will be played out in the exhibition space on the mugs, on the museum walls and in the original illustrations. At the exhibition there will also be a selection of rare mugs only manufactured in sample batches, as well as tableware illustrated by the mother of all Moomins, Tove Jansson, in decades past.



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