Moominvalley Park: An insider’s guide

Welcome to Moominvalley Park, a magical world where the dreams of a Moomin fan come to life! This article will guide you through everything you need to know about the theme park, including some insider secrets that will help you make the most of your visit. 🤫 🤩

Where is Moominvalley Park?

Moominvalley Park is located by Metsä Village, a Nordic-themed outdoor activity and entertainment area. If you’re into forests and lakes, or Scandinavian design and treats, consider booking some time to enjoy Metsä also! 

The entire park is located in Hanno City, Saitama, Japan – an easy train ride away from Tokyo. The park is easily accessible by public trains or car.

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The direct trains to Hanno depart from Tokyo Ikebukuro station. You can choose between:

  • a more expensive train Seibu Ikebukuro Line Limited Express, which will take you 40 minutes, or
  • a cheaper local connection Ikebukuro Line, which takes 50 minutes.

If you prioritise comfort, go for the Express line – the train has adjustable seats, phone charging points and a toilet. Once you arrive, you’ll see plenty of signs directing you to the Moominvalley Park coach (you can also walk, but the distance is about 3 kilometres, or 1.8 miles). There is a coach every 30 to 60 minutes.

Moominvalley Park bus

Moominvalley Park coach stop


What is Moominvalley Park?

So, what is this theme park about? An obvious answer: it’s all about the Moomins! Opened in 2019, the park’s landscaping was inspired by Finnish nature and many of the buildings were modeled after the illustrations in the original Moomin books. As soon as you arrive, you can step into a different world with charming houses and whimsical decorations everywhere, inspired by the adored Moomin stories.

What can I do in Moominvalley Park?

The park is divided into several areas, each with its own unique attractions and activities: Moominvalley Area, Exhibition Facility and Lonely Mountain Area.

Moominvalley Park map

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Dogs are also allowed in Moominvalley Park.

On arrival

To get to Moominvalley Park, you need to walk through Metsä Village. The entrance is about 5-10 minute walk from the bus stop and car park. This lovely lakeside walk with Nordic-themed shops and restaurants on the way is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the Finnish nature and culture. 

Park signs in Finnish

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Look out for the signs and attraction names in both Metsä and Moominvalley Park – everything is named in Finnish! How many Finnish words do you know? 🇫🇮

Entrance gate

Let’s start with the entrance. As you arrive to Moominvalley Park, you walk through a welcome gate shaped like the original Moomin books: a visual reminder that the Moomins aren’t just iconic characters but that it all started with a series of beautiful novels by Tove Jansson. This is a great photo opportunity at the start of your adventure!

Moominvalley Park entrance

Moominvalley Park gates


💡 Insider tip! 

Don’t miss the original Swedish quotes and illustrations behind each of the book gates!

Tickets and the Beginning store (Alkukauppa)

You can buy your ticket after the book gate at the entrance shop. Now, it might be too soon to go crazy on Moominous shopping…but as you make your way back, keep in mind the Alku shop that you’ll find here (Alku means Beginning in Finnish). From cute plushies to Moomin confectionary, you’ll find wonderful things to take with you as souvenirs.


Bathing hut (Uimahuone)

In the Moomin stories, the bathing hut is built by Moominpappa for the entire family to swim, fish and relax during the summers. In the winter, this is the home of Too-Ticky. You’ll find the first Story Room of the park here: “a video room” explaining the background of the attraction in the original Moomin stories.

Moominvalley Park bathing hut

Story room

💡 Insider tip! 

Can you spot the wooden benches near the bathing hut? Perfect for taking a little rest, you’ll find Swedish book quotes carved on them!

Moominvalley Area (Muumilaakso)

You’ll now enter Moominvalley Area. Whilst exploring the attractions, you’re likely to meet the Moomin family and their friends. You might find Moomintroll and Snufkin at the bridge pondering about life, or Little My running around being mischievous – all happy to pose for some great pictures with you!

Moominvalley Park characters

Moominvalley Park Little My

Emma’s theatre (Emma-teatteri)

If you’re a Moomin fan, you’re probably familiar with Emma the Stage Rat and her theatre. In the Moomin stories, the Moomin family are forced to move into the theatre due to a flood. With the lead of Moominpappa and Emma, the family get together to perform a play on stage – and this is exactly what this attraction is about!

Moominvalley Park characters


You can sit back and watch original Moomin stories played by the Moominvalley Park characters, or join in on sing and dance sessions. Performances are at 12:00 and 14:30 every day.

Moominhouse (Muumitalo)

A highlight of the park for many, you can take a stroll through the Moominhouse, exploring a detailed depiction of the cosy interiors and learning more about the characters through interactive exhibits. Entering through the basement, you’ll embark on four floors of exquisite details from the Moomin stories. There’s also a Meet and Greet area by Moominhouse – a guaranteed opportunity for some pictures with the Moomin family, if you’ve missed them exploring around!



💡 Insider tip! 

This attraction is very thought-through… Pay attention to details like Moominmamma’s pancakes and Moominpappa’s attic office to take it all in – some of the items you’ll find were collected from flea markets in Finland!

Moominpappas office


Little My’s play spot (Pikku Myyn leikkipaikka)

In this delightful attraction, you can enter the mischievous world of Little My! An interactive screen will first snap a picture of your face, and you can then get in on some harmless pranks in a fun game!

Little My's Playspot

Little My’s shop (Pikku Myyn kauppa) 🔸 Nibling’s shop (Tahmatassun kauppa) 🔸 Post office (Posti)

Near the play spot, you’ll find a specialty store solely dedicated to Little My. Shop here for all things Little My, with some goods only available in this very store! Next to Little My’s shop, you’ll also find Nibling’s shop and the Post office.

Little My's store


💡 Insider tip! 

Don’t miss Hemulen’s stamp collection at the Post office! Choose your favourites with other stationery items and postcards, and send a warm greeting to your family and friends.

Oshun Oxtra theatre (Merenhuiske)

Another immersive theatre experience in Moominvalley Park, the Oshun Oxtra theatre, is themed based on some of the key values in the Moomin stories: courage, challenge, friendship and family. In this unique experience, you get to join on an adventure with a young Moominpappa, Snufkin’s dad the Joxter and Sniff’s dad the Muddler.

Oshun Oxtra


Exhibition facility KOKEMUS

This three-floor exhibition facility interweaves the life of Tove Jansson and the Moomins. The name comes from the word Kokemus, which means experience in Finnish.



As you enter, you can watch a welcome film from Tove’s niece, Sophia Jansson – who was also closely involved in the development of the park – and admire a four-metres-high reproduction of one of Tove Jansson’s frescos, originally commissioned in 1947 to decorate the restaurant in Helsinki City Hall.

Tove Jansson fresco


Exploring between the three floors, you can then enjoy a variety of exhibits, including Japan’s first permanent Moomin exhibition space, interactive experiences and a giant diorama of Moominvalley measuring over 8 metres.

Tove and Moomins

KOKEMUS exhibitionKOKEMUS exhibit

Moominvalley Park diorama


Moominvalley Main shop

The biggest shop in all of Moominvalley Park is a must-visit before your return home. From international Moomin products to plushies and confectionary to Moominvalley diorama figurines, it’ll be hard to choose what to take home with you!

Moominvalley Park Main shop

Moominvalley Park items

💡 Insider tip! 

Did you know there is a Moomin mug dedicated to Moominvalley Park? The latest edition Moominvalley Park mug is only sold at this shop – the perfect souvenir!

Moominvalley Park mug


Moominvalley Playground

KOKEMUS is also the home of a newly opened Moominvalley Playground, an indoor playground with three areas: the Ball Pool of Ocean Orchestra, the Moominvalley Sky Track and the Groke’s Rolling Wheel. A fun opportunity to play whilst learning about the Moomin stories!

Moominvalley Park playground

Moominvalley Park playground


Lonely Mountain Area (Yksinäiset vuoret)

Ready for adventure? The Lonely Mountain Area is where you’ll find hidden paths whilst discovering the secrets of the forest, with some fun play and adrenaline-filled activities. The journey into the forest and its paths was designed to be a surprise at every turn, with hidden sculptures and installations that reflect the whimsical nature of the Moomin stories.

Hobgoblin’s zipline (Taikurin Seikkalupaikka)

Do you like adrenaline? Inspired by the Hobgoblin’s magical powers and the original novel Finn Family Moomintroll, this exciting experience lets you glide through the forest and over the lake to the other side of Moominvalley Park, and then back to Lonely Mountain Area – as if you’re riding Hobgoblin’s black panther in the sky!

Hobgoblin's zipline start

Hobgoblin's zipline

💡 Insider tip! 

  • The Hobgoblin’s zipline is currently only open on the weekends.
  • You need to buy a separate ticket for this attraction but it includes a guide to help you through it.
  • You need at least an hour for this experience.
  • The zipline is about 400m long.

Hemulen’s playground (Hemulin leikkipaikka)

Hemulen is known to like quietness, so it makes sense that his playground is located at the back of Lonely Mountain Area, about half an hour walk from the entrance. The playground for kids has two areas where you can walk along wooden bridges, peek into Hemulen’s tree house, enjoy different slides, draw on a blackboard, and more! Peaceful but filled with fun things to do, Hemulen’s playground is a unique spot for kids to play, whilst the adults can enjoy the forest surroundings.

Hemulen's playground


Lighthouse (Majakka)

You can find a peaceful moment and enjoy the lake view from the lighthouse inspired by the original book Moominpappa at Sea. In this story, Moominpappa doesn’t feel needed by his family and wants a fresh start. So, he moves his family to this lighthouse. If you’re visiting the park at sunset, the lighthouse will be beautifully lit.



💡 Insider tip! 

Spot the bathtub outside the lighthouse! There’s another Story Room with a video about this attraction. Do you remember the story?

Snufkin’s tent (Nuuskamuikkusen teltta)

Venturing into the back of the entire park, you’ll find Snufkin’s tent. If you’re lucky, you’ll also meet Snufkin there!

Snufkin's tent

💡 Insider tip! 

You can take a secret path in the forest, called “Huuliharppupolku”, straight to Snufkin’s tent. You’ll hear tunes of Snufkin’s harmonica on the way until closer to the tent, the music stops so that you can enjoy the natural sounds of the forest.



What can I eat and drink in Moominvalley Park?

The food and drinks in Moominvalley Park are an attraction of their own! With many restaurants, food stands and cafes on the site, you’ll find plenty of imported Scandinavian and Nordic-themed treats as well as dishes inspired by the original Moomin stories. Here are a few highlights to keep in mind…

Lettula Lounge (By the entrance)

Before entering the park, opposite the Alku shop, is Lettula Lounge – a Nordic creperie with an à la carte menu filled with yummy dishes.

Moominvalley Park treatsMoominvalley Park treats

💡 Insider tip! 

This is the most scenic food spot in the park with a terrace and a beautiful lake view. There is also a wonderful kids’ playground on the site.

Moominvalley Area’s food stands & arcade games

Perfect for a fun break in-between attractions, this is an area dedicated to Moomin-themed arcade games, such as Fishing with Too-Ticky, and delicious food and drinks inspired by the Moomin stories. From Moomin-themed desserts to Finnish-style hot dogs, there’s something for everyone.

Moominvalley Park ice cream

💡 Insider tip! 

Don’t miss the Hattifatteners Ice Cream Sticks!

What else should I know about Moominvalley Park?

All the Moominous details!

Moominvalley Park is full of little details related to the characters and original books, not only in the attractions but the entire park area! 

💡 Insider tip! 

Keep an eye out for things like original Swedish quotes on wooden benches, small Moomin silhouettes on the lamps around the park, as well as quirky things that might seem odd at first, but on a closer look, have a meaningful story. You can find plenty of story-related items around the park that come with a sign explaining which Moomin book they come from. Can you spot them all?

Moominvalley Park diorama

Moomin photos

Moominhouse details

Moomin bedroom


Metsä Umbrella Sky

To mark Moominvalley Park’s first anniversary in 2020, the theme park created an installation made of umbrellas. This unique installation, the Umbrella Sky, returns occasionally so keep an eye out for the Moomnvalley Park event calendar! The installation starts at the gate of Metsä Village.

Umbrella Sky 2023

Umbrella Sky 2023

💡 Insider tip! 

In 2023, the Umbrella Sky is inspired by Little My’s soap bubbles! The aurora-coloured umbrellas glow in different colours depending on the sun light and time of day.

Moominvalley Park also occasionally celebrates harvest season in the autumn with beautiful berry-like installations and harvest-themed treats and menus. Read more about a previous Moominvalley Park harvest festival here.

Moominvalley Park staff uniforms

Moominvalley Park staff’s uniforms were designed by a Finnish brand, Ivana Helsinki. The colours and unique patterns worn by the park’s staff, from attractions and stores to security, capture the authentic Nordic flavour.


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An official Moomin shop opened in Ginza, Tokyo!

Whilst you’re nearby Tokyo on a Moomin fan venture, make sure to visit the new Moomin Shop in Ginza, Tokyo. With a thousand different Moomin products, this shop even has a selection of imported Nordic brands and some exclusive Moomin goodies only available there! 

Moomin Shop Ginza

Address: 3-1 Ginzanishi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061