20 July 2016

Moomins at the theatre: Helsinki City Theatre 2002 – Muumit kulisseissa

Moomins at the theatre story series continues with the fourth play – Helsinki City Theatre’s Muumit kulisseissa from 2002. Have you read also the previous posts about the plays Mumintrollet och kometen and Troll i kulisserna as well as the Moomin Opera? Each play is presented more closely at the Moomins at the theatre exhibition at the Theatre Museum in Helsinki. The lovely exhibition is open until summer 2017.

Muumit kulisseissa

Moomin themed plays, puppet plays and operas have been performed in Finnish professional theatres almost 50 times after the Swedish Theatre’s first Moomin play in 1949. Although Tove Jansson herself was not involved in all productions, performances have continued the tradition she started.

Muumit kulisseissa (freely translated Moomins behind the scenes) performed at the Helsinki City Theatre was a translation from the Lilla Teatern’s play Troll i kulisserna. The Swedish-language text was skillfully translated by Kirsi Kunnas, famous Finnish poet and children’s literature author.

Muumit kulisseissa_HKT_kasiohjelma

Helsinki City Theatre’s Muumit kulisseissa was directed by Birgitta Ulfsson, who starred both the Swedish Theatre’s as well as Lilla Teatern’s plays. The direction by Ulfsson was praised especially because of the state of knowledge of the Moomin: “She knows exactly how these characters behave and who they essentially are”. (Rolf Bamberg, Uutispäivä Demari 5.3.2002)

Nowadays famous Finnish actor, Santeri Kinnunen, acted Moomintroll. Critics thought he really reached the Moomintroll’s essence. “Kinnunen tiptoes with soft moominous steps and thrills with his melancholy essence”, says Pirjo Puukko, Hämeen Sanomat 14.3.2002.

Birgitta Ulfsson thinks that the best stories appeal to all ages. Children and adults perhaps understood the play in different ways, but it was also the director’s intention.

Muumit kulisseissa puvustus
Costumes by Eila Jäntti

Text: Theatre Museum
Booklet: Theatre museum’s archive
Costumes: © Moomin Characters™

Find out more about the play Muumit kulisseissa and other Moomin theatre works at the exhibition Moomins at the theatre.

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