22 May 2018

Moomins featuring the first Finnish collector timepiece auctioned in the Phillips Watch Auction

Last autumn Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva and Watch Enthusiasts Community Finland created a Moominous collector timepiece that was sold out faster than any such watch before in Finland. The numbered Mörkö-Myrsky series of fifty watches is sold out except for the coveted piece no. 1 that will be sold in a charity auction this month. The benefits of the auction will be donated to the Moomin-themed New Children’s Hospital opening in Helsinki.

The display caseback is decorated with an image of The Groke and the timepiece was born as a cooperation between internationally acknowledged watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva and Watch Enthusiast Community Finland, together with Moomin Characters Ltd. The watch, which goes by the name Mörkö-Myrsky or “Mörsky”, is based on Stepan Sarpaneva’s S.U.F Helsinki Myrsky watch series. Myrsky is the Finnish word for Storm, Mörkö meaning The Groke.

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Finland’s most wanted collector timepiece in collaboration with Moomin Characters

“Mörkö-Myrsky no.1” will be auctioned at the Phillips Watch Auction on May 29th

Even when planning the watch project, it was decided that one of the Groke watches will be auctioned to profit the new Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, scheduled to open in the fall of 2018. The benefits are directed through the well-known Finnish organization “The Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals” for the medical equipment and material purchases for the new hospital.

The long-awaited charity auction is hosted by the respected Phillips Watch Auction which is considered possibly the world’s most significant international auction rooms for collector timepieces. The collaboration watch by Stepan Sarpaneva’s S.U.F Helsinki, Watch Enthusiast Community Finland and Moomin Characters is presumably the first watch made in Finland that ends up being sold through Phillips Auction. The suggested list price for the Mörkö-Myrsky is 2850 euros and the estimate for the auctioned watch is 2500 – 4100 euros.

The auctioned watch number 1 is similar to the other watches with the Groke image. A fine, limited edition stainless steel wristwatch with date and center seconds and hand-made wristband made from Finnish reindeer skin is delivered in a leather pouch.

Participation in the auction is possible at https://live.phillips.com/. Please note that the registration is required no later than 24 hours before the auction! The detailed information of the auctioned watch you’ll see here. Good luck!



Photos and video: Sami Kelahaara / © Moomin Characters™

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