Moomins and the Caramel Day

April 5th is the Caramel Day! Moomintroll and Sniff ate caramels already in the first Moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood, published in 1945.

“When she woke up again she heard a fearful groaning, and realized at once that it was her Moomintroll, who had a tummy-ache. (Moomins get tummy-aches very easily). It had become quite round from all he had eaten, and it hurt dreadfully. Beside him sat the little creature, who had got toothache from all the sweets, and was moaning even worse. Moominmamma did not scold, but took two powders from her handbag and gave them one each, and she asked the old gentleman if he didn’t have a pool of nice, hot porridge.”  

Tove Jansson’s co-operation with the Finnish candy manufacturer Fazer started before the first Moomin book, in 1937. Tove started with a decoration for Fazer Munkkiniemi and after that, the co-operation included drawing advertisements and illustrating packages.

Fazer candy wrappers


The first Fazer Moomin candies were launched in 1957 and after that the Moomin product family has grown rapidly.

Fazer vintage candy_watermark


Moomin caramels can be found here.