1 September 2017

Moomin winter mug 2017 by Arabia

Winter Seasonals Give a Promise of Spring

Arabia’s winter seasonals represent a promise of spring, the time when Snufkin returns from his long hike. The spring sun melts the last snow, and Moominvalley’s residents wake up to marvel at the dawn of spring and its wonders. Click the links below to see the products and to sign up to our waiting list to be notified when the products are in stock:

Little My slides down a hill on a silver tray

Moomintroll has woken up from hibernation and gets acquainted with winter carefully. Little My is also getting to know winter because a squirrel disturbed her sleep. Little My envisions what can be done with snow. She puts a pot cap on her head for warmth and slides down a hill on a silver tray. She collides with Moomintroll, who falls into the snow.

In spite of the crash, Moomintroll is very happy to see Little My because he thought everyone was sleeping. Little My is excited about winter and starts to think of ways to skate on the frozen sea.

Snufkin returns from his hike

Sunshine touches the snow and gives just a hint of spring just as Snufkin returns to Moominvalley from his long hike. Moomintroll has been waiting for his friend ever since Snufkin left a letter before his departure.

— Sleep well and don’t be sad. I’ll be back on the first day of spring.  Build a dam while waiting.

On her part, Little My is a bit ashamed of taking Moominmamma’s tray and pot cap without permission. But after waking up, Moominmamma is only fascinated to learn that the silver tray actually works even better for something else.

Storyful ceramics go forward in time together with Tove Jansson’s original book, Moominland Midwinter (1957). Arabia have designed winter-themed Moomin ceramics since 1997.


Winter seasonals are available from 1 October onwards for a limited time only.

Source: Fiskars

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