7 March 2014

Moomin Wallpaper: March Edition

March is here, spring is already knocking, and in this cheerful wallpaper we used a bit of color. It features Toffle and Miffle from the 1960 classic book Who will comfort Toffle? Our other wallpapers are also still available on the blog.

Wallpaper all March 2014 edition

There are three different sizes of the desktop version:

Small: (1280 x 800)

Medium: (1440 x 900)

Large (2560 x1440)

For the iPad and other pad devices we have two sizes which work both vertically and horizontally:

Original for iPad and iPad 2 (1424 x 1424)

iPads with retina display (2448 x 2448)

For the iPhone and other phone devices we have:

Original resolution up to 4S (1360 x 1040)

iPhone with retina display (1536 x 1040)

Click on the links and download your own Moomin wallpaper. Then set is as your wallpaper as you normally would. There’s nothing more to it.

It appears that Apple’s iOS7 parallax view zooms in on the image. To prevent this from happening on your iPad or iPhone go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce motion > Switch to ‘on’ position. That will let the image scale properly.

Please let us know if you’re having any trouble installing your Moomin wallpaper.

Have a great weekend!

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