Moomin summer mug 2016 by Arabia: Midsummer

15.4.2016: Arabia’s seasonal summer products, Midsummer

PowerPoint Presentation

Designs for Arabia’s Moomin summer products 2016 are taken from the book Moominsummer Madness and from the comic Moomin’s Winter Follies. After launching the seasonal Moomin series in 2006 this is the first year when the summer plate replaces the bowl.

6411801002188_Moomin summer mug 2016_Midsummer

6411801002188_Moomin summer mug 2016_Midsummer_back


Moomin_summer 2016_spoons

Mugs, plates and spoons are available on April 15th. Please leave your email address on the product page to be notified when the items are in stock.

Product images: Fiskars