15 November 2016

Moomin shop-in-shop at the Stockmann department store in Helsinki

Gorgeous Moomin shop-in-shop at the Stockmann department store in the center of Helsinki is now open. The shop-in-shop is designed and carried out together with Moomin licensees Arabia and Finlayson.


Unique stories create an experiential space

The new fascinating Moomin area is built on the fourth floor of Stockmann presenting Tove Jansson’s beloved stories together with the related Moomin products by Arabia, Hackman and Finlayson. The aim was to create a completely new experience for Moomin fans bringing the Moomin stories and products into a shopping environment where furnitures and colors have been designed inspired by the selected Moomin stories Who will comfort Toffle, Comet in Moominland and Moominland Midwinter.

Moomin shop in shop Stockmann
Photo: Antti Ahtiluoto



Exclusive Moomin duvet cover

Exclusive Moomin and Ancestor satin duvet cover by Finlayson presents the loveable Moomintroll and Ancestor from the story Moominland Midwinter. Finlayson’s first Moomin satin duvet cover set will be available from 18th November onwards from Stockmann’s Moomin shop-in-shop, Finlayson’s own retail stores, Moomin Shops in Helsinki as well as from moomin.com.


Finlayson Ancestor Duvet covers
Photo: Finlayson

Gifts for Christmas

From Moomin shop-in-shop can be found gifts for the approaching holiday season. For example, Finlayson’s Christmas Moomin products which are based on the wrapping paper design Tove Jansson illustrated in the 70s. Also the seasonal winter products – Moomin Snowhorse by Arabia and Hackman will be available from the shop-in-shop at Stockmann.




Moomin shop-in-shop at Stockmann, Helsinki is open until January 6, 2017.


Cover photo: Antti Ahtiluoto

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