6 June 2017

Moomin Shop at Helsinki Airport is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

In April 1999 opened the very first Moomin Shop at Kämp Galleria in Helsinki. The shop was only 11 square meters and already in 2003 Moomin Shop moved to a larger premises in the Kämp Galleria. At the same time shop’s store manager Sanna started looking for suitable premises also at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and in 2007 the airport shop was opened to delight both Finnish and foreign travelers.

Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport in 2007

Moomintroll and Snufkin statues have been standing in front of the Airport Moomin Shop already from the beginning. Also the three sales associates, Store Manager Gabi Stubb, Catharina Rotkirch and Iiu Alajoki, have served Moomin Shop’s customers ten years now.

Iiu, Gabi and Catha
Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport

Numerous “What is this?” questions have been asked in the shop during the years. For many customers, Moomin Shops are their first contact with the Moomins so the history of the characters and the Moomin books must be well learned.

“Customers’ awareness about Moomins has increased during the years, and the questions “Is it a cow?” or “Is it a hippo?” you hear less frequently nowadays”, Catha explains.

Of course, also those who are already in love with the Moomins visit the store. Some Moomin fans even plan their flight routes through Helsinki to get to the Moomin Shop for shopping!

Modern store delights both customers and employees

Hattifatteners joined Moomintroll and Snufkin in the autumn in 2014 when the current 39 square meters store was opened. Built by the Interior Architect Office Carola Rytsölä Oy, all of the three Moomin Shops in Helsinki are entertaining stores that take into account the overall comfort of both adults and children.

Also the employees enjoy working at the Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport.

“When I started, I thought I would be here a couple of years. The fact that I have stayed 10 years says a lot. At the Helsinki airport there is a really good atmosphere and of course, at our Moomin Shop the spirit is wonderful”, Iiu says after ten years.

Gabi has worked as a store manager from the beginning, and despite extensive opening hours of the store, she really wants to take into account in the rota planning, that the staff has the opportunity for hobbies and time for their family.

“Nowadays over ten-year career in the same place may be unusual, and without a great team, we wouldn’t be here after these years – my colleagues have become close friends for me”, Catha continues.

Over thousand Moomin products to choose from

With an extreme Moomin experience the staff at the Moomin Shop Airport help Moomin fans to find the right products and gifts for every occasion. Consisting of over thousand Moomin products, the assortment at the Moomin Shop Airport faces the requirements of air travel, prioritizing the light-weight products and ideal gifts. Whether the Moomin lover is an adult or child, there is something for everyone!


Welcome to Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport – terminal 2, gate 26-27!

Limited edition Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport 10 years pins
only from Helsinki Airport!

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