1 June 2016

Moomin Parking Discs now available at Moomin Shops in Finland!

Beautiful Moomin Parking Discs are here! You can choose between ten different Moomin designs and find them all from Moomin Shops in Helsinki.

Disc parking system is common in Europe – parking disc shows the time when the vehicle was parked. You also can use these lovely Moomin discs showing the time for different occasions: “Dinner at”, “I’ll be back at” etc. Discs are perfect for example for shopkeepers!

Muumi aikakiekot väri_pieni

Mustavalko aikakiekot_pieni

Vote your favourite Moomin disc design on Facebook by liking the best photo and help us to choose the right ones for moomin.com’s selection! By liking, you’ll also take part in our competition to win Moomin Parking Disc of your choice! Good luck!


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