9 December 2017

Moomin padlocks combine two iconic Finnish brands

This autumn, two iconic Finnish brands met in the sweetest way. The traditional ABLOY CLASSIC padlock carries on the spirit of the original ABLOY lock celebrating its 110th anniversary this year. Two classics meet when Abloy decorates the ABLOY CLASSIC lock with Moomin characters. Autumn is the time for new beginnings and this year the friends of Moomins of all ages can protect their valuables with the new ABLOY Moomin Lock.

The Moominhouse is not locked at night, though. In Moominvalley in November, a mixed crowd gathers in the Moominhouse while the Moomins are away. The same happens in Moominland Midwinter while the Moomins hibernate. But the visitors behave themselves, except for emptying Moominmamma’s stores of jam.

Endless curiosity

“The inventor of the ABLOY lock, Emil Henriksson has been characterised as a quiet and modest man who had a great sense of humour and endless reserve of new ideas. Henriksson’s heritage is still at the core of Abloy, and it is also very close to the ideology of Moomin stories. The stories of Abloy and Moomins are essentially about curiosity and new inventions,” says Jorma Issakainen, Vice President, International, Abloy Oy. Both Moomins and Abloy are also known around the world. “ABLOY Moomin Locks will be exported to Asia, particularly to Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Indonesia. There is also a lot of interest in the Nordic countries,” Issakainen says.

ABLOY CLASSIC Moomin Locks will be available in two colours and with nine different Moomin characters. The package also includes colouring for the youngest in the family. Now a few of them are available on Moomin.com – have a look!

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