10 August 2017

The Moomin Museum’s first temporary exhibition, Tove Jansson and the Moomins

The world’s only Moomin Museum opened its doors in June in the recently renewed Tampere Hall in Finland. The new museum has gained a lot of positive feedback and visitors from all over the world have been speechless about the museum’s unique atmosphere. Whether you have visited the museum after its opening or not – again now you have a really good reason to visit the Tampere Hall’s Moomin Museum. To celebrate Tove Jansson’s birthday, The Moomin Museum’s first temporary exhibition, ‘Tove Jansson and the Moomins’ was opened yesterday.

‘Tove Jansson and the Moomins’ introduces the creation of the Moomins through Tove Jansson’s life story. The exhibition follows the path of Jansson’s creative development as a Moomin illustrator as well as the visual evolution of the Moomin characters over the passing years. In the exhibition, you can also familiarize yourself a bit with the commercial world of the Moomins.

Kuva: Jari Kuusenaho / Tampereen taidemuseo

The first temporary exhibition presents archive treasures from the collection Tove Jansson donated to the Tampere Art Museum in 1986. Many of the items have never been presented earlier.

The exhibition features, for example, rarely seen Tove Jansson’s black Moomins from the 1930s. Other specialties are Tove Jansson’s early comics from the 1940s for the Ny Tid magazine and several original covers of the Moomin books published in different countries.

Being one of the most important cartoonists of the time in Finland, Tove Jansson’s satirical cartoons for the political magazine Garm are also highlighted at the Moomin Museum’s new exhibition.

Kuva: Jari Kuusenaho / Tampereen taidemuseo

Kuva: Jari Kuusenaho / Tampereen taidemuseo

This is really something you don’t want to miss! Read more about the world’s only Moomin Museum here: muumimuseo.fi/en


Photos: Jari Kuusenaho / Tampere Art Museum

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