8 February 2017

Moomin MoovieCard video postcards are here!

Moomin video postcards, MoovieCards, are based on Tove and Lars Jansson’s Moomin comic strips and will be available on Valentine’s Day, 14.02.2017. The Moomin MoovieCard is a great, new way to send electronic greetings using the known cartoons beloved by all!

Each Moomin MoovieCard is based on one 2-5 panel Moomin strip. The user selects the desired Moomin MoovieCard, types in his/her name and then sends it to friends via e-mail or WhatsApp. Moomin MoovieCards can also be shared on social media such as Facebook, YouTube or YuuZoo.

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To send a Moomin MoovieCard, you must first download the MoovieCloud application available in the iTunes app store (presently, Moomin MoovieCards are only available to iOS/iPhone users).

30 different kinds of Moomin video postcards

In total, 30 different kinds of video postcards will be available through the MoovieCloud application. During the first phase, the MoovieCloud application entitles the user to 10 free Moomin MoovieCards. There is also the Love and Friendship package, which contains 20 different Moomin MoovieCards, and is available as an in-app purchase for only EUR 1.99.

By the summer of 2017, several new Moomin MoovieCard packages will be released, each with approximately 20 Moomin MoovieCards. By the end of 2017, Moomin MoovieCards will be available in other languages as well. Application versions for other operating systems, such as Android, will be available in the spring.

The Moomin MoovieCard is produced by the Finnish company, Format4media, Ltd., and is developed in cooperation with Moomin Characters. The cards have been designed with the utmost respect for the Moomin comic strip’s heritage.

Page 2 of 2 Format4media, Ltd. has developed the MoovieCloud application for mobile device video management and distribution. MoovieCloud allows users to manage, edit and share their own videos using email or WhatsApp, or share videos directly to YouTube, Facebook and YuuZoo. The “Moovie” function allows users to combine their own videos with professionally made content starring well-known comedians and entertainers. Moovie Cloud already has a number of packages available with over a thousand professionally made clips for making moovies.

Source: Moomin MoovieCard

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