Activate your working memory with the new Moomin Memoria game

Moomin Memoria is a new Memory Game based on ©MOOMIN CHARACTERS™. The idea behind the game is to activate and stimulate your working memory with gaming.

Moomin Memoria 3

Moomin Memoria is a memory game situated in Moominvalley. Moomin Memoria is suitable for mobile, tablet and PC. The game includes five Moomin play areas: VALLEY, FOREST, CAMP, CAVE and BEACH, and each area includes three games. VALLEY games are free to play, but if you want to play other area games, you have to buy some emeralds to play them.

Moomin Memoria becomes more difficult by reducing available time or increasing targets to remember. The game gives you the possibility to look and share your results on Facebook and make comparisons with other players. You also have a chance to earn emeralds when you get 100 points in some area game.

Moomin Memoria game aims to focus on the Brain Training area – not knowing but remembering things. It’s for all memory game lovers, whatever the age. It is challenging to play, clear, and interesting.

Moomin Memoria 1

Here is a peek into Moomin Memoria:

Details about Moomin Memoria

You can see your Score on the upper left corner. The emeralds quantity and emerald purchase packages are situated on the upper right. Emerald fees exist in the PLAY AREA circle.

• remember entity of 9 pictures
• remember card numbers in ascending order
• remember numbers from left to right
• remember the direction for the pointed fish
• remember the painted cans in the correct order
• remember the path
• remember the distance between constellation and moon
• remember notes
• remember the rotating pictures and numbers
• remember the pairs
• remember the ball place under covered cups
• remember the sum to make addition of right numbers
• remember to touch the right dropping items
• remember to choose the right item color
• remember the right path to the top

Moomin Memoria 2

You can download Moomin Memoria in these languages: