20 April 2015

Moomin Language School won the Finnish eLearning Competition!

Moomin Language School was awarded as the best e-Learning solution in a Finnish quality competition! Congratulations!

Award for the best Finnish e-Learning solution was granted for Moomin Language School by the Finnish eLearning Centre Association. Theme for the competition was “Flow! How can you create it?”

“Moomin Language School combines successfully gamification, pedagogy and a well-known brand. The service is at beginning of its life cycle, but it has a really promising future and a great international potential”, states the competition jury on Moomin Language School’s victory.

With Moomin Language School children can build a strong basis for English communication, so that they will later succeed in the global world. Language skills are developed in a positive and safe environment at the child’s own pace.


Source: Promentor / Moomin Language School

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