Moomin International Kindergarten

Moomin International Kindergarten in Tokyo is the first Scandinavian School in Japan offering early childhood education and care in English using Finnish and Scandinavian learning traditions. The kindergarten is the world’s first official Moomin kindergarten. The kindergarten is part of the Scandinavian Center.

Photo from Skandihub

The founder of the kindergarten and the Scandinavian center Mrs. Barbara Zamora Vaataja believes that Moomin is the best ambassador for Finnish education while both the Finnish education system and Moomin are highly respected and admired around the world. 


Photo from Skandihub

The Moomin International Kindergarten has high-quality products and furniture from partners like Artek, Fiskars, and Iittala. These beautifully designed user-friendly products featuring Moomins welcome children to learn! 

Wish there were more Moomin Kindergartens!