Fazer’s delicious chocolate novelties now available on the Moomin Shop!

Are you a fan of chocolate? If yes, you should definitely try out the new Moomin chocolate bars and chocolate-filled peppermint candies by Fazer!

Fazer’s first Moomin products were launched already in the 1950s, and the collection has grown to include different kinds of sweets, xylitol pastilles, bakery products and more. The new chocolate bars and candies are a mouth-watering addition to the selection of Fazer’s Moomin products.

Fazer’s chocolate-filled peppermint candies are a Finnish classic, now available in Moominous packaging! The crispy peppermint crust together with the delicious chocolate filling is a charming combination. 

moomin fazer chocolate

Have you ever tried Fazer’s chocolate? If not, you definitely should! The deliciously soft milk chocolate, made from 100% responsible cocoa, is the perfect treat for the entire family. The packaging of the Moomin chocolate bars is decorated with different Moomin characters – which version is your favourite? 

In addition to these two novelties, you can find many other Fazer products on our webshop! How about adding some cookies, fudge or chewing gum to your next order?