17 May 2017

Moomin event at #MoominAtStockmann pop up store!

Join us at the colourful party at Moomin pop-up store at Stockmann, in the centre of Helsinki on Saturday, May 20 at 11am-3pm. Take part in our competition to win guided tour to Helsinki Art Museum for you and your five friends.

Children can also colour the lovely Moomin pictures as they like!

Mark your calendars also for the next events: June 17 and July 22. More information coming soon!

Moomin At Stockmann pop up

Arabia, Fazer, and Finlayson respond to the growth of tourists visiting Helsinki by opening a pop-up store for their Moomin products. The pop-up store has been designed and executed in collaboration with Moomin Characters, and it will serve customers at the department store Stockmann until the end of August.

Cover Photo: Moomin Characters
Other photos: Beda Rasinen / Finlayson

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