Moominous baking inspiration and a delicious cookie recipe

Who could resist the smell and taste of newly-baked goods? Get the cutest Moomin baking tools on the Moomin Shop and scroll down to find a delicious cookie recipe.

No plans for the weekend? Organize a Moomin-themed bakeoff with your friends or surprise your family with Moominous delicacies – you can find almost all the tools you need in the Moomin Shop!

moomin baking tools

A Moominous cake, delicious cookies or a batch of wonderfully moist cupcakes? No matter what you’re making, Moominous bowls and measuring cups will surely make baking even more fun! 

moomin baking tools

A dough scraper is a must-have when baking. You can use it to mix the dough, cut the dough into smaller pieces or most importantly – eat all the excess batter!

Make sure you don’t burn the bake – a Moominous kitchen timer helps you keep track of the time. The handy timers can also be used for cooking perfectly al dente pasta or the perfect soft boiled egg. 

How amazing are these Moomin-themed cookie cutters? Decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles, and you will have cookies that look just like your favourite characters! If you scroll further, you will find a delicious cookie recipe inspired by the Moomins.


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All home chefs need an apron, of course! Protect your clothes with a Moominous apron and complete the baking style with matching oven mitts and kettle holders.

Little My’s gingerbread biscuits

Can’t decide what to bake? Below you can find a recipe for Little My’s gingerbread biscuits! The delicious recipe is from “Moomin’s cookbook – an introduction to Finnish cuisine”. 

♥ Enjoy! ♥