Moomin around the world – Moomin shop now in Mexico!

The city of Guadalajara was chosen to open the first Moomin Shop in the American Continent. The Moomin shop opens its doors today on November 6th in the Mall Galerías Guadalajara. The Moomin shop is located on the first floor by the main entrance.






Choosing Guadalajara as the home of the Moomin Shop was a careful decision. The size of the market, education level and the perception that in Guadalajara a lot of creative and enthusiastic people can be found were important factors. For Moomin, Guadalajara is an important cultural center for annually hosting the International Book Fair with more than 760,000 visitors per year.


Gabriela Ramcke Lancaster, General Director of El Sombrero del Mago, the company with the license of the Moomin Shop in Mexico, explains: “I believe that Mexico needs characters such as the Moomins, which fill the minds and hearts of children and adults with positive messages such as friendship and care for nature. Bringing the Moomins to Mexico is a dream come true”.


The Moomins are a clear symbol of Finland, a country about which people don’t know much in Mexico. However, the values of the stories of Moomin go beyond borders, time and ages. Definitely, the book “The Moomins and the great flood” by Tove Jansson published in 1945 can be considered as trend setting in literature.

A big merchandising program has been created around the Moomins: Books, bags, t-shirts, enamel cups and plates, plush toys, keychains, postcards, cards and children´s toys. All designed in Scandinavia and are now arriving to Mexico. It is considered that in the future there will be products made in Mexico under the © Moomin Characters ™ license. Regarding this, Gabriela Ramcke comments “As a Mexican I feel proud that a brand such as Moomin has the trust to expand its horizons in our country through my company. I established El Sombrero del Mago with the dream of not only bring the Moomins closer, but also, to bring something different with a positive message that help us to create a better place for all“.


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