29 July 2016

McDonald’s Japan launched its second book campaign – collect the Moomin books!

A year ago McDonald’s Japan had its first book campaign to spread the joy of reading among children. From August 5th, 2016 onwards McDonald’s Japan runs its second book campaign – with Moomin books!

By buying a Happy Meal (Happy Set in Japan) you’ll get a Moomin book. There will be total of six different books available – three picture books and three activity books. In addition, there is a possibility to buy a ceramic Moomin plates.

Books are illustrated by the Finnish Riina and Sami Kaarla and translated by Keiko Morishita. Books by Riina and Sami Kaarla have been very popular in Japan already earlier but this is the first time they make books for Japanese – these books you can’t find from anywhere else!

Update (15.9.2016): Over 3000 restaurants participate in the book campaign and together they have delivered millions of books to children all around Japan.

Moomin books for McDonalds Japan_600x450



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