21 February 2018

MAX Moomin drinking glasses became popular collector items

The cooperation between Swedish hamburger restaurant MAX and the Moomins is a success which engages children, adults and collectors all over Sweden.

Moomin drinking glasses 2018

The drinking glasses with colourful prints from the Moominvalley have become immensely popular. The glasses are included in the MAX box, which is part of the chain’s children’s meals, combining children’s favourite food with a Moomin product.

Without any marketing efforts, customers have been calling, sending e-mails and approached the chain through social media even before the launch of the glasses.

MAX suspects that customers have dined at the restaurants on their way to their summer cottages and left earlier drinking glasses at the cottages. Many want to enlarge their collection with new designs. The audience has proven to be very broad – both teenagers and older people are calling costumer services about the glasses, which have become popular collector objects.

Moomin in the Maxbox

Moomin drinking glasses 2015

Moomin is being featured in the Maxbox both in 2017 and 2018. The children’s favourite food is being served with a toy in bright colours with the beloved characters of the Moominvalley.

The toys include frisbees, a pen case with pencils and sharpeners, bubble blowers, Pixi books, puzzles and drinking glasses.


Moomin drinking glasses 2016

Value driven family business

MAX opened its first restaurant in Sweden in 1968. Today the chain has 110 restaurants around the country. Having had the same owners from the start, the family company is deeply rooted in the Swedish soil with a strong culture. While hamburgers are often associated with American food culture, the Swedish heritage is important for MAX. The company emphasises questions like sustainability, environmental responsibility and opportunities for the individual.



Moomin drinking glasses 2017

 The Moomins provide lasting value

Everything MAX does is in line with the brand values. That includes decisions about partners, where MAX wants to have long term cooperations with companies with similar values.

“The Moomin stories are not tied to a certain season, they are loved by all generations and they are constantly being discovered by new generations. Many children can relate to the toys, while adults perhaps can be a little bit nostalgic in a positive way. Of course, we target children, but also parents, with whom we want to establish trust. We want both the toys and the characters featured in them to provide lasting value”, says Hanna Berglund, Head of Advertising at MAX.


Moomin toys 2017


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