24 February 2016

Japanese Moomin fans on Moomin tour in Finland

Finntour / Nordic Japan annually organizes three journeys from Japan to Finland especially for Moomin fans. Nearly all the places in Finland related to Moomins are seen during the trips. Japanese are known to love Moomins and Finnish design as well as the extremely beautiful nature in Finland. These are all taken into consideration on Moomin tours.

One of the favourite places for Japanese Moomin fans is the Moominworld in Naantali. Moominworld is mainly open in summer but the Moomin tour in winter is scheduled to be at the same time as the Winter Magic in Moominworld.

Muumimaailma Taikatalvi

Also the puppet theater Invisible child at Theatre Viirus is one of the planned Moomin events on tour and visiting the Tampere Art Museum Moominvalley, Fazer’s factory in Vantaa, as well as shopping at the Moomin Shop Forum. Moomin summer tours also include visits to Klovharu and / or Söderskär islands.

Söderskär is known, especially in Japan but also among Finns, as a “Moominpappa’s island”. Tove Jansson’s book Moominpappa at sea is about the Moomin family’s journey and life in a lighthouse on a tiny island. The lighthouse of the book is thought to be the lighthouse situated in Porvoo archipelago in an island called Söderskär, even though the coordinates of the island don’t quite match with the coordinates given in the book.


The island Klovharu is the one where Tove spent nearly 30 summers together with her partner Tuulikki Pietilä. Their cottage on the island is highly coveted to visit.

One Japanese Moomin fan visiting Finland at the moment is a 30 year old Miku Tomita. She has been reading the Moomin books since her childhood and she loves the way of life and values of the Moomins. Miku confesses being a huge fan of the Moomins and Finland and she has enjoyed this very first visit to Finland extremely lot.

Moomin fan Miku Tomita


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