Japan post issues Moomin stamps to follow up the enormous success in 2015

The first Moomin stamps in Japan were released in 2015, sold over 55 000 000 in total being Japan Post’s most popular stamps issued in the category of special stamps.

The 52 JPY and 82 JPY stamps in 2015 were the first Moomin stamps issued outside Finland and now to follow up the success, Japan Post proudly presents the new Moomin stamps issued today January 10, 2018, with a total of 57 000 000 stamps printed.

The designer of the Moomin stamps is Hitomi Nakamaru, one of the eight stamp designers at Japan Post. The sheet of ten 62 JPY stamps represents Moomins doing things for someone special and in the 82 JPY stamp sheet, Moomins are presented with letters. Ms. Nakamaru was the responsible designer of the Moomin stamps also in 2015.

Just like in Finland, also in Japan on the first day of release, you’ll have the possibility to get the special Moomin postmark. Don’t they look adorable, both stamps and postmarks?

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