24 September 2014

Ivana Helsinki launches Moomin by Ivana Helsinki collection for women

The collection pays homage to the rich design language of the late artist and author Tove Jansson, the creator of Moomins, in the sprit of Ivana Helsinki.

The imaginative collection features Jansson’s original illustration work as well as Ivana Helsinki’s own, Moomin inspired visuals and patterns.
The rich world of illustrations comes alive in Ivana Helsinki’s classic silhouettes in different prints, embroideries and Jacquard motives.
Some materials such as Moomin lace and sequin fabric have also been created specifically for the collection.


The line consists of dresses, knits, jackets, tops and bottoms and accessories.

The Moomin by Ivana Helsinki collection will be presented to the press on September 24th 2014 at the Design Museum in Helsinki, Finland.
It will make its international debut in Tokyo Fashion Week in October 2014.

Like Tove Jansson, Ivana Helsinki draws its inspiration from the world of strong emotions and stories. Memories and nostalgia also create the common thread for the Moomin by Ivana Helsinki collection.


The collection reflects the soul landscapes of both Jansson and Ivana Helsinki’s head designer Paola Suhonen. When designing the collection, Suhonen was tremendously inspired by Jansson’s strong visual language, imagination and personality.

The collection revolves around the core ideas of Jansson’s way of thinking, working and living. Themes such as nature, sea and strong emotions have been a huge source of inspiration also for Suhonen while creating this collection. The end result is a playful yet timeless collection of about 50 pieces, a true homage from an artist to an artist.


” It has been a true honour to jump into Tove’s world and explore the archives of her extremely versatile art work. Tove has been a real visionary, brave free spirit, she is a person to really look up to and respect. ” says Paola Suhonen.

The first pieces of the Moomin by Ivana Helsinki collection will be available for pre-order in October 2014 on Ivana Helsinki’s online store.
The collection will be available in select stores in its entirety in spring 2015.

Watch the Moomin by Ivana Helsinki video:

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