Illustrator Anna Ileby and human Moomins

WOW – absolutely stunning illustrations inspired by the Tove Jansson’s Moomins. Swedish illustrator Anna Ileby has been drawing Moomin characters as a human – 13 published so far and seven more to come. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Anna Ileby Ritar

Read below Bulls Licensing’s recent interview with Anna:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your art

My name is Anna Ileby and I’m 32 years old and live in Småland, Sweden. I work as an illustrator and have been writing a blog since 2008.

I have studied in various art schools over the years. Nowadays I draw only with marker pens but before I painted also oil paintings – unfortunately I don’t have time for that anymore. I do everything “by hand” and I don’t draw anything on computer. I love to draw the eyes glare, freckles and stubble.

How did you get the idea to draw human Moomin characters?

I have had a folder on mine computer for several months called “Moomin project”, but not done anything with it. But once I started it was easy. It’s so much fun! I got the idea when I saw similar with the Disney Princesses. I have always loved Moomins so for me it felt much closer than Disney.

Are you a big Moomin fan and if yes – why?

Oh I LOVE Moomins! I have all the books (which I have inherited from my mother), I have collected Moomin Mugs since the 90’s and my first tattoo was Little My! I like that the books are cleverly written, they are not only children’s books but more for adults. I also like that a lot of the characters are not so giggly and happy, but rather thoughtful and a little sad. There is someone for everyone to identify with.

Who is your favourite Moomin character?

When I was younger, I loved Little My and saw much about her in me, but now that I have grown older, I like very much Too-ticky. A woman who can handle herself, like to be alone and tells everything straight out. My favorite is from the book Trollvinter when Moomintroll says “There were a lot of apples here last fall…” and Too-ticky answers “But now here’s a lot of snow.”.

What is your favourite Moomin illustration so far and why?

I think Hemulen is the best one so far. He looks so kind and reminds old men in town you want to take home and serve a cup of coffee. Those with kind eyes.

Who was the most difficult one to draw?

Moomintroll without a doubt! Not easy to find a human similarity with the big nose!

Which characters are you still going to draw?

It’s a secret, but there are still seven I’m going to draw at least!

Anna Ileby and Little My

Check out Anna’s human Moomin characters and her other artwork on or on her Instagram!

Photos: Anna Ileby