12 July 2016

Have you seen Moomin? Do you know where the pictures are taken?

Go snap a picture of it and send it to us on Snapchat @moominofficial or share a picture of it on social media. Make sure to tag us @moominofficial and use the ‪#‎haveyouseenMoomin‬. Look for Moomin around the world, we will post more pictures soon!



Congrats Stephanie and thank you for the lovely photo from Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark!



Have you seen Moomin part2

Congrats Malin and thank you for your snap from Mariehamn, Åland!

File 26-07-16 10 31 36


Have You Seen Moomin part 3

Have you seen Moomin?


Have You Seen Moomin Mall of Scandinavia

Congrats @foodbyfia and thanks for the photo from Stockholm, Sweden!

Winner Have you seen Moomin


Have you seen Moomin Helsinki

Congratulations Tina – we love your photo from Helsinki, Finland!

Have you seen Moomin Helsinki winner


Have you seen Moomin Prague

Congratulations @tynameowth and thank you for your photo of Snorkmaiden and Moomin from Prague, Czech Republic.

Have you seen Moomin winner prague


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